Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanandji Swami


Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanandji Swami (lovingly known as “Sri Gurudev”), a highly evolved Spiritual Master imbued with tremendous power, is a unique Divine Gift to humanity in the modern age of spiritual turmoil and tussle. Full of compassion and love combined with humility and simplicity, he is one of the most revered accomplished saints in the current era.

Sri Gurudev’s spiritual journey began in his infancy under miraculous circumstances. Yogiraj Devraha Baba, one of the most esteemed saints of recent times, brought Sri Gurudev to his Ashram to save his life from a terminal illness. Devraha Baba predicted that Sri Gurudev would achieve the pinnacle of spirituality, and he will use that divine energy to heal and serve humanity.

Yogiraj’s predictions have come true. Sri Gurudev invoked all spiritual centres of divine energy (Chakras of Kundalini). Through intense meditation and spiritual discipline (Sadhana) of over 45 years, He has rediscovered all the Siddhis (divine powers) of ancient sages which were lost over time. Only a limited few sages are believed to have reached this ultimate stage of spirituality in the current world. With this divine power, he has helped hundreds of thousands of people in distress. His mission is to guide us to liberation while we continue to fulfill our worldly duties.

Sri Gurudev has traveled to over 170 countries teaching people the art of living and morally uplifting and spiritually fulfilling their life. He has the unique capacity to impart deep spiritual message in the language of common masses that they can understand and translate in their everyday life so that one can overcome Karmic debts while fulfill one’s worldly duties.

Sri Gurudev’s knowledge of all the great Vedas, Epics, Bhagavad Gita, other religious scriptures and Astrology is immense. He is also a renowned scholar of Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Sri Gurudev has participated in several international religious conferences, including the “All Religion World Conference”, where he has been honored with “The Best Personality” Gold Medal numerous times. The Jyotish council of Germany has awarded Sri Gurudev “Jyotish Marmagya” (The Greatest Astrologer.)

It is remarkable that a spiritual saint of his caliber has also achieved impressive academic distinctions. Sri Gurudev holds several degrees including M. Tech. from IIT, Kharagpur (equivalent to MIT and Harvard in USA); PhD in Astrology; and Masters in Sanskrit, Vedas, and Literature. He has been Honorary Principal and professor at various academic institutions including Banaras Hindu University.

With Sri Gurudev’s background in Science, he looks for ways to bring the scientific mentality and the spiritualism together in creative dialogue. With his life transformative spiritual message, He inspires, empowers, keeps us informed and engages us as we move forward with our spiritual quest.

The Brahmrishi Ashram situated in Tirupati, is endowed with beauty, tranquility and peace. Mountains lush with trees and rare vegetation surround this beautiful, sacred hermitage. Sri Gurudev’s long, rigorous Sadhana nurtures this holy land with spiritual energy. The influence of the positive vibrations at this Ashram is so strong that devotees forget their worries and cherish spiritual bliss. The sweet musical sounds of bells, chanting and prayers always keep the ambience of the divine Brahmrishi Ashram chaste and pure.

Temples for the Gods/Goddesses of all religions are situated in the Ashram making Sri Gurudev’s dream of creating “A World Religion Family” a reality. Currently, the Ashram houses the Lord Shiva Temple, a huge Prayer Hall, many guest houses, a fully furnished kitchen and several cow sheds named after Jain Tirthankara and other great spiritual personalities.

The construction of a Lord Laxmi Narayan temple is at its completion and the construction of one of a kind Meditation Centre and the Brahmeshwar Shiv Golden Temple is about to start. Future plans include the construction of many additional temples, a heart hospital, a medical college, an engineering college, a yoga center, a naturopathy center, a religious library and a museum.

For the devotees, Sri Brahmrishi Ashram is the sacred place where the beloved Sri Gurudev and His Spiritual Power reside that permeate the mind and soul of devotees. Everyone is cordially invited to the Ashram for the divine joy of having both Guru Darshan (Sight of Guru) and Dev Darshan (Sight of the Lord).


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