Chinna Jeeyar Swami

Founder, Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET)

Jeeyar Swami

Jai Srimannarayana

Dear Hindu Students Council (HSC),

We are very much delighted to know that HSC is stepping into 25th year of spreading the ever-relevant practices of Hindu Dharma, particularly among youth. Our mangalasasanams on the wonderful occasion of Silver Jubilee year of HSC.

Hindu Dharma has ancient Veda as its base. Vedic way of living is the most wholesome and harmonious way of living. One can see that scientific theories change every day. What is proposed today is proved to be wrong tomorrow. Unfortunately, though the scientific findings don’t stand with time, we accept them because of their visibility. For instance, hybrid vegetation was proposed as the solution for increasing the harvest but after 50 years, it’s proven to be dangerous to humans and nature as well. Using tractor for agriculture was invented by science to increase the efficiency and cut down the human labor, but now it’s realized that ploughing with a tractor is dangerous to the ground. Rampant usage of plastics and chemicals is causing alarming rise in the cancer cases. Environmental pollution is leading to global warming causing extreme rains in some areas and extreme drought in other. One can easily relate these things to the evil side effects of modern scientific methods.

On the contrary, the vedic practices are simple, clean yet powerful. When practiced they give peace to humanity. They have no evil side effects. For instance, we do ploughing with oxen which gives strength to the soil and ground. We don’t use plastic materials but eat in green, eco-friendly banana leaves and dispose it to become bio-degradable natural fertilizer. Vedic Dharma recommends to perform Yagnas (fire-sacrifices) which cleanse the environment of all the toxins and purify the air we breathe. Vedic Dharm teaches us simple ways like “Sandhya vandanam” to offer our gratitude to the natural forces around us like Sun etc. These are only a few examples. Vedic practices are as modern and truly scientific and ever relevant. They have therapeutic effect on people and the environment.

We need ambassadors to take these wonderful Vedic practices deeper into the society. And the onus is on the youth who form the bridge to the next generation.

We are confident that the forthcoming “Global Dharma Conference” (GDC) in Edison, USA organized by HSC will be tremendously successful in educating and empowering the youth to take these eternally relevant vedic practices to the masses.

We offer our mangalasasanams to HSC once again on its Silver Jubilee anniversary.

Jai Srimannarayana

Chinna Srimannnarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji
JET, Sriramanagaram,
Samshabad, Hyderabad.


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