Dr. H R Nagendra

H R Nagendra

Dr. H R Nagendra Ji, Chancellor of S-VYASA Yoga University, Chairman of International Day of Yoga Experts Committee, Chairman of Task Force of AYUSH Govt of India.

Dr. Nagendra is a renowned scholar, yoga therapist, scientist, and leader who has fostered and promoted the yogic sciences in India and all over the world. He has served as the Director of the Indian Yoga Institute, Prashanti Kutiram as well as the Chancellor of the Yoga University, Bangalore.

Dr. Nagendra has authored and contributed to over 100 papers and 35 books on yoga as well as several papers in the engineering sciences, having been associated with numerous prestigious universities and research institutions. Dr. Nagendra is well known as the yoga consultant to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and has conducted yoga workshops and trainings for leading cabinet members and officials in New Delhi.

As a visionary committed to moving the yogic science forward, Dr. Nagendra is the founder of cyclic meditation, a training which combines yoga postures and guided meditation to alleviate occupational stress and treat diseases such as asthma, cancer and psychiatric illnesses. He has successfully helped many overcome their symptoms and reach a state of health and mental well-being.

Recently, Dr. Nagendra was the chairman of the central committee for the International Day of Yoga which brought the spiritual and healing message of yoga to the global platform in a grand and celebratory way. We are deeply honored to have an individual of his caliber, insight, and accomplishment at the Global Dharma Conference 2015, and we thank Dr. Nagendra for his gracious presence.


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