Dr. V. Rajarao Bandaru

Rajarao Bandaru

Dr. V. Raja Bandaru has a Bachelor of Engineering with Honors (SV University), Master of Technology (Indian Institute of Technology,  IIT Kharagpur) & Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi) in Electrical and Control Systems Engineering, a professional diploma in Accounting and Finance (England), and a Fellowship of Royal Statistical Society, England.

Dr. Bandaru was the founder of Trinity Consultants, Inc., a 30 + year young, NJ based Telecommunications Management Consulting and Systems Integration Company. Trinity also provides business, financial and technical support for prospective new entrepreneurs. He was the founder of several startup companies in biomedical, electronics, and telecommunications

Dr. Bandaru was a member of the faculty of electrical engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, India & IIT Delhi before moving to England where he worked for 10 years in areas of digital process control, systems engineering and development; & manufacture of optical fiber technology.

Dr. Bandaru was a member of the team that harnessed the development and manufacture of optical fiber technology in England - one of the first teams in the world. He was a pioneering member of the team that initiated and developed network management systems to manage telecommunications networks and services at Bell Laboratories. Dr. Bandaru initiated and managed research, product and technology development in Biomedical Engineering.

Dr. Bandaru has published and lectured extensively in the areas of biomedical engineering, telecommunications, control engineering, management science, Vedanta and Indic studies. He received several awards and honors in his educational and professional career including the title of Veda Vidya Rakshak (Protector of Vedic Knowledge) by the World Association of Vedic Studies (WAVES) in July 2006

Dr. Bandaru is a keen student of Telugu literature (one of the languages of India with roots as early as the 4th Century BCE), Sanskrit, Ancient Indian History, Philosophy and evolution of Indian Culture through the ages. He teaches Sanskrit and Hinduism. He authored five books on Sanskrit Grammar. A book on Sanatana Dharma and Prayer and a book on Sanatsujatiyam with Shankara bhashya and Nilakantha bhashya are under preparation. He represents Hinduism at Interfaith meetings and is keenly involved in the development of youth.

Dr. Bandaru serves as a Hindu Chaplain at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, New Brunswick, and at the University Medical Center of Princeton at Plainsboro, New Jersey, USA.

Dr. Bandaru teaches Telugu at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, and Sanskrit at the Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.

Born in Ramayapatnam Port, a coastal town in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India. Raja, currently lives in Cranbury, New Jersey with his family. He is active in community affairs, cultural and literary events.


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