Swami Jyotirmayananda

Swami Jyotirmayananda

Dharma Alone is The Panacea for All Our Ills

Dharma is that which upholds, nourishes, or supports the stability of the society, maintains the social order, and secures the general well-being and progress of mankind.  -- Supreme Court.

All our present-day problems are a direct result of disregarding Dharma. Dharma alone is the panacea for all our ills. There is no alternative to Dharma. This is the eternal truth. This can be realized, if we understand the real meaning of Dharma, asserts Justice M. Rama Jois: "Dharma is the greatest and the most valuable contribution to humanity by Bharata Varsha, our beloved Motherland. On account of its antiquity, utility, and universality, the very mention of that word rouses the conscience of an individual in this land.

All our present-day problems are a direct result of disregarding 'Dharma,' under the influence of a materialistic philosophy, in the belief that it alone can usher in happiness and secure the welfare of the people. Now it is becoming clear that human problems multiply as we go on multiplying our lust and desire for material wealth and pleasure and that the solution to all the problems, social, economic, and political, which the world and our nation are facing, in particular the crash of our moral edifice is, Dharma alone. There is no alternative to 'Dharma.' This is the eternal truth. This can be realized, if we understand the meaning of 'Dharma.'"

Our whole life should be continuous, unteripputed procedure of Dharma. A life imbued with the true spirit of Dharma can bring light where there is darkness, love where there is hate, order where there is chaos, and happiness where there is misery. Such a one, truly dedicated to Dharma, will be able to lead a fulfilling family life, a value-oriented professional life, and responsive social life. Life fulfills its supreme purpose when it is imbued with the true spirit of Dharma, and anchored in the eternal verity.

The Global Dharma Conference, a laudable intiative, of the Hindu Students Council (HSC), seeking to bring together students, young professionals, and others from around the world, "provides an opportunity for introspection to realize the concept of Universal Brotherhood." Networking with youth and leaders from over twenty countries and from numerous universities and colleges, and backed by over fifty organizations from around eh world, the HSC has embarked on a noble mission that needs unstinted support from all who respect and adore Dharma.

Bringing together, on a single platform, top spiritual leaders, celebrities and speakers, with a view to share their wisdom with the participants, is a significant step in spreading the life-giving, eternal message of Dharma. Needless to say, the profundity of the message and its practical application in our work-a-day world will go a long way in creating a holistic and harmonious Society, thereby ushering in World Peace. It is heartening that the Hindu youth of America loves to take pride in his cultural heritage. While commending this initiative, we invoke the Divine Blessings on the organizers of the Conference.

-- Swami Jyotirmayananda.


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