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India.comTwo Hindu-American Women to Emcee ‘Never Forget’ Anniversaries: An Epic Call for Dharma and Harmony

By Patti Tripathi

The largest Hindu students’ organization outside India is poised to host the historic Global Dharma Conference. The first Hindu-American Miss America, Nina Davuluri, will serve as the Mistress of Ceremonies for festivities to honor architects of World Yoga Day.

“Once a member of HSC at University of Michigan, I am looking forward to sharing my faith and journey to assimilation as a second generation Hindu American,” Davuluri said.

More than three thousand people, including young Hindus from 20 countries and 70 universities, are coming together for an epic gathering to promote and explore Dharma and global harmony in mid-September, with invited delegates and experts from diverse fields such as spirituality, science, academia, business, politics and the arts converging on New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center.

Hindu Students Council (HSC), the largest Hindu youth organization in North America, will host the three-day Global Dharma Conference from September 11 to 13 to commemorate the organization’s 25th anniversary.

TV news anchor Patti Tripathi was called into work by CNN Headline News on the day of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and understands the slogan “Never Forget” as she witnessed raw video from the horrific scenes being fed into CNN’s World Headquarters in Atlanta. She will serve as the Mistress of Ceremonies on September 11.

“As a first generation immigrant moving from India to Indiana my journey was different from who are members of HSC. I studied Hinduism from a Jewish professor at the University of Notre Dame, a predominantly Catholic University.

Though raised a vegetarian I am just now beginning to practice yoga and meditation and studying about our ancient philosophies. I am profoundly impressed by the HSC which is making it possible for Hindu youths and university students to celebrate holidays, embrace their rich heritage, and convey so much pride in their identity,” Tripathi, founder of TriPath Media and Saris To Suits, said. “It will surely be an enlightening conference.”


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About HSC

Hindu Students Council (HSC) is an international forum providing opportunities to learn about Hindu heritage and culture. It is the largest Hindu youth organization in North America, with over 50 chapters across university campuses. Over 130,000 students and youth have participated in HSC activities since its birth in 1990. For more information, please visit www.hindustudentscouncil.org or connect with us below.