Swami Paripoornananda

Swami Paripoornandaji

Dharma is the most essential and pristine character trait required for leading an ideal, value based life for a human being.

The very word ‘dharma’ originated from age-old scriptures of Bhaarath varshai.e. India. Dharma is not a religious term that can be confined to a particular race, region or religion. It is universally applicable principle.

Its meaning is as deep as an ocean and as wide as the universe. It defines duty of every human being towards fellow human beings. It portrays ideal life style of human being in harmony with nature. It brings awareness in human individuals by inculcating the power of discrimination between do's and dont's. It emphasizes the synchronization of ideal thought, right word and proper deed for a healthy society.

Practice of Dharma by humanity not only ensures quality living, but also paves the way to spiritual enlightenment that leads to fulfillment.

I compliment the organizing committee for their initiative in holding this heart-touching event.

I pray the Almighty for the success of this Global Dharma Conference at New Jersey in terms of meaningful and practicable deliberations.

Swami Paripoornananda,



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