Ratanjit S. Sondhe


Ratanjit is an anomaly. He is most likely the first and only businessperson to successfully integrate the Oneness principles in the business world.
With only $8 in his pocket and two Masters degrees, Ratanjit emigrated from India in 1968 to study polymer chemistry at Akron University. In 1973, he founded POLY-CARB, Inc., a materials science company.

Running POLY-CARB, Ratanjit developed a groundbreaking leadership and management style based on the Universal Truths of the Oneness paradigm. There were no titles and no bosses, only the operating principles immersed in Oneness.

This paradigm transformed every team member into a highest value-adding entity empowering the company with unprecedented success. As a consequence, he sold his highly profitable and industry-leading company to The DOW Chemical Company in 2007.

His pioneering work on ONENESS ― resulting in leadership from within while living and operating stress free ― has earned him international recognition as “Mr. Stress Free.” He has authored several books including TEA: The Recipe for Stress-free Living, The Secret of Our Ultimate Success, How Oneness Changes Everything: Empowering Business Through 9 Universal Laws, and 101 Gems for Re-Aligning Your Life. Upcoming books include ZERO ― The Core of Leadership, The Foundation of Civilization, and How to become a HUMAN.

Today, Ratanjit is a sought after professional speaker, author, radio and television personality, leadership coach, and business consultant. His television programs aired by DIYA-TV and JUS-ONE-TV reach over 50 million people every day. Ratanjit was also on ASTHA-TV from 2003 to 2011 where his programs were aired in over 150 countries. He has to his credit over 800 audio and over 600 video programs. Every day, he posts a new inspiring quote on Facebook, where he has over 52,000 fans.

Ratanjit has been the recipient of many local, national and international awards, including induction into the Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame in 2010 for his pioneering work of wealth creation instead of job creation for inner city residents. In 2006, Ratanjit was awarded the “Pride of India Gold Award” by the NRI Institute, a world-wide entity, at its annual event in London for his global contribution toward stress-free living. In 2013, he was inducted into The Cleveland International Hall of Fame. His pioneering, life-changing, and empowering leadership training program is being published in a book under the title Leading Thyself.

In his effort to bring the clarity and wisdom of Oneness not only to the business world, Ratanjit has selflessly served on the boards of numerous non-profits including The Cleveland Foundation, Project Love, the American Red Cross, The City Club Foundation, and Morehouse College, among others. He is board chair for the Guru Nanak Foundation, Values-In-Action, and In-Now, LLC.

To further empower and bring awareness of the Oneness paradigm to the world, Ratanjit has founded an international organization and not-for-profit called the Discover ONENESS Foundation.


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