Swami Tadatmananda


Dear Friends of Hindu Dharma,

The 2015 Global Dharma Conference is an important opportunity for all of us to gather for the sake of clarifying our vision of what it means to follow Hindu Dharma in the 21st century.

In this country, Hindu Dharma is in the process of being integrated into mainstream society to an unprecedented degree. In many other countries to which Hinduism has spread, Hindu Dharma often remains isolated, largely confined to communities of immigrants from India who remain culturally and geographically isolated from the mainstream society. But in the United States, first, second, and third-generation Hindus, and others who have imbraced Hinduism, are found in every corner of the country and every strata of society.

Being mainstreamed into American society holds both advantages as well as challenges for us and future generations. The benefits of not being marginalized are obvious. But maintaining our religious practices, spiritual values, and cultural identity are challenges that remain to be fully understood and addressed. It is for this purpose that we have gathered here today.

The Hindu Students Council is to be congratulated for their excellent planning and preparation for this conference, as well as for celebrating the 25th anniversary of their admirable organization.


Swami Tadatmananda.


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