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“I am delighted to participate in this Global Dharma Conference…I consider that this conference will provide us an opportunity for introspection and mid-course correction to realize the concept of Universal Brotherhood.” Honorable Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India
“I am happy that young students in American universities, most of them born and raised in the United States, have preserved their spiritual and cultural roots and are actively promoting inter-faith understanding.” Honorable Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, former Prime Minister of India, in a Message to GDC 2003 Attendees
“The organisers of this Global Dharma Conference have done a great job. People will gain a lot of positive feelings from this and good work will be done. So, we congratulate the organisers. Also, we congratulate all the dignitaries who have delivered good messages and guidance and thank you all.” HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj, Spiritual Head, BAPS
“We need to be reminded about Dharma again and again and Conference such as this would do that ... Dharma is universal, it transcends race, religion, gender and even species.” H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of Art of Living, in a Message to GDC 2003 Attendees
“The ideas and philosophies developed by India's ancient culture are encoded in the word Dharma. I commend you for organizing this event, which will facilitate serious discussion regarding the important issue of peaceful coexistence for all inhabitants of this world, and to encourage a clearer understanding of the principles of Dharma.” Honorable James E. McGreevey, former Governor of New Jersey
“The Global Dharma Conference was an inspiring gathering. Every attendant got the chance to explore Dharm in their own personal way, and enjoying themselves with others from around the world in a Dharmic atmosphere, created between HSC and their partners. It was wonderful!” Varishna T. Erasmus, University of Rotterdam (Netherlands)
“The Global Dharma Conference was an inspiring and momentous event. The parallel sessions were very unique and interesting. I'm extremely happy to have attended GDC; it was a wonderful experience. Congratulations to HSC and all the organisations that made this conference such a great success. I hope to see more of these in the future.” Nebarnee R., University of Guyana
“The program provided participants with amazing opportunities to learn important aspects of Hindu dharma. I left the conference with a sense of pride and empowerment that I can bring to my community and school.” Nisha S., Student, SUNY Binghamton
“The Dharma Conference was an amazing experience.  It clearly illustrated that the Hindu youth of America does take pride in its cultural heritage.  The organizers should be commended on a job very well done.” Naveen N., Rutgers University
“Global Dharma Conference was among one of the greatest spiritual gatherings of all time.  The event was the perfect combination of learning and fun.  I feel honored to have taken part in such a grand affair!” Indira B., Univ. of MD, School of Law
“You all did a fantastic job on the conference. It was well thought out and the discussion sessions were very interesting. The questions, concerns, comments were very relevant. It was good to see the Indian conferences get beyond the being Indian vs American thing and actually talk about how we can incorporate our culture into our daily lives and what we have to learn from it. Kudo's on the hard work and getting this together — you certainly surpassed my expectations by MILES!” Dr. Sonal S.
“A milestone event for the Hindu movement in the west.  The event made me feel like I was contributing in my small way to the better understanding of our purpose in life.  I am also very privileged to be part of HSC, the best Hindu youth movement in the world.” Murali K., Software Engineer
“A truly Dharmic event, which is an echo of the Hindu Youth that says yes we are Hindu and we are proud. It was an honor to work with today’s most active and visionary Hindu youth organization in the world.” Samir R., Business Analyst
“The Global Dharma Conference, more than anything else, provided young people from Dharmic backgrounds and faiths with the opportunity to experience the tremendousness and truth of their faiths in a microcosmic global setting richly blessed with the intuition and scholarship of some of Dharma's most revered contemporary icons” Omarnauth B., Civil Engineer

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